• In 2016,  volunteers will be required to assist CLA in the execution of the annual Conference and are recruited from the local library community.

    2016 Volunteer Policy

    Volunteers receive a half-day complimentary conference registration on the same day they have been assigned a volunteer shift. Shifts must be a minimum of three (3) hours.  Volunteers may volunteer on more than one day and receive complimentary conference registration on those days, however, scheduling of multiple days is at the discretion and need of the Volunteer Coordinator. All requests to volunteer must be sent to registration@cla.ca

    Ticketed events are not included in the conference registration and will not be covered.

    •  CLA and the Volunteer Coordinator appreciate you offering your valuable time and assistance for the conference.
    • Currently registered delegates wishing to volunteer will not be refunded any registration fees.
    • Every consideration will be given to all applicants; however, we cannot guarantee that everyone who expresses interest will be recruited as a volunteer.


    Sample Job descriptions:


    Note: The Delegate Registration Desk is divided into 2 sections
    1. Pre-registered delegates in one area (totally serviced by volunteers)
    2. On-site registration in another area (serviced by CLA Staff with the help of one volunteer to print badges).

    Pre-registered Delegate Registration:

    Job Description:
    Volunteers will be required to hand out the registration package (badge/tickets etc.) There is one envelope, filed alphabetically by the CLA Staff and it is ready for distribution to pre-registered delegates. Each delegate should also receive a delegate bag and final program (and any other hand outs that may require distribution as delegates pick up their packages).

    On-site Delegate Registration:

    Job Description:
    There will be a computer and printer available to produce badges for delegates who register on-site. CLA Staff work on this section of the Registration Desk and will handle all onsite registration fees, ticket sales, cash transactions, problems, questions etc. This is the area where one volunteer is preferred for the entire event. If not feasible, 2 volunteers sharing the position is acceptable.


    Job Description:
    Checking logistical information sheet on assigned session to be sure that everything is in order. Checking that all A/V needed is in room. Introducing yourself to the moderator and speakers in that session and discuss special needs/concerns. Ensuring the session starts on time. Helping speakers with handout materials. Making sure the lights are at the appropriate level. Monitoring the door to avoid any “slamming”. Letting the presenters know when the end of the session is close so they can wrap up (5 min warning).


    Exhibitor Registration:

    Job Description:
    A volunteer is tasked with providing badges to the registered exhibitors. There is a computer for printing badges for those exhibitors who register on-site. Volunteers are not required to handle registration fees, ticket sales or cash transactions in this position.

    Trade Show Directional & Entrance Greeters
    Volunteers are required at the at front of the trade show floor for greeting and directing delegates.


    Photographer’s Assistant:
    A photographer and one volunteer is required to assist the photographer. This person is tasked with noting function, names and event information regarding the photos that are taken. It is preferred to have one individual for this task but it can be shared if required. A schedule will be prepared and distributed prior to the conference.

    Signs – Sponsor/Event:
    CLA will provide all required conference signs and a signage plan. Easels will be placed near the door of each function room. Volunteers are required to place the function signs and applicable sponsor signs on easels each day. All signs should be mounted prior to the session beginning. Adjourned sessions signs should be removed and returned to the office when sessions/events have adjourned.

    Social Events:
    Volunteers are required to assist with collecting admission tickets at social events. CLA will advise which sessions require tickets.

    Session Attendance Counts:

    CLA will require one person to count the number of participants in each concurrent session slot throughout the conference. A master sheet of session numbers will be provided. This can be done by one individual or a different person each day.

    Hospitality Desk:
    LPC is responsible for managing this function and the required volunteers. The hospitality desk is located adjacent to the registration desk and is open the same hours as registration.

    Unassigned Floaters:

    It is suggested that a few Volunteers are available each day in the event of illness, inclement weather or for last minute requirements. If there are a lot of people who volunteer, this may not be an issue. Having Volunteers directing delegates over the course of the Conference is always helpful. There would be brief orientation and walk through of the hotel for any directional staff.