About the Forum

  • Libraries matter. Your voice matters.

    Prepare for a Canadian Library Association event like no other!


    As CLA winds down and the new Canadian Federation of Library Associations starts up, the June 1-3, 2016 meeting in Ottawa will be a watershed gathering.

    This will not be another conference of talking heads and uncertain outcomes. Instead, we are hosting a forum centered on a key set of library issues of national importance.

    Participate with colleagues from across Canada and around the world in focused dialogues and help craft outcomes that will advance the state of libraries and the emerging Federation. In sessions designed to inform and engage, those attending will consider some of the most critical challenges facing libraries in Canada.

    This is an action oriented policy and advocacy forum. You will be challenged through discussion and debate, and your contributions will advance libraries in Canada.

    We will celebrate the legacy of CLA and we will stimulate a new era of engagement, focus, vitality, and impact. As a community we are embarking on a new path. Help chart the way.