If you want to know more about the love of God the Father then read on, in this article I will be discussing the messages of God the Father to a nun, Mother Eugenia. These messages are full of light and love. “I am there waiting for them calling them every moment of the day” these are the words from God the Father who spoke in locutions to Mother Eugenia, Superior General (1935-1947) of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles.

After rigorous examination, the messages of God the Father were authenticated by the Church. ‘After ten years of research, reflection and prayer, I bless the Father for having deigned to choose my Diocese as the place for such touching manifestations of His love’ (Bishop of Grenoble)

It was on 1st July 1932, the Feast of the Precious Blood of Jesus, that Mother Eugenia received an apparition of God the Father. She recalled that; “The Father told me to sit close Father George Rutler to Him and write…” God the father told the holy nun that he had come to end the awful fear men have of him and to tell us instead of the joy that we can give to God as his beloved children.

To increase our trust in him God the father told the nun that he loves to be known and loved by his children. What parent cannot recognise the desire to be loved by their children in return?

Regarding God’s great holiness and our sinfulness God the father told Mother Eugenia: “..even if it happens that a mother loves her child less because of some defect, I, on the contrary will love him still more.” This is because man does sin but the father’s most wondrous attribute of mercy shows itself even more when we sin and when we repent and are sorry for the sin.

By doing this, repenting, we are throwing ourselves into the arms of God’s endless mercy. As God the Father stated: “I will forgive you after you have repented. Even if your sins were as repulsive as mud, your confidence and your love will make me forget them.”

To help us understand this point an analogy is useful, we can see our sins as iron and our acts of love as gold; “If you gave me a thousand pounds of iron, it would not be like giving Me just ten pounds of gold!” Love covers all, it supplies for all our defects and failures.

To put it simply, God is love and the more we truly love the more we imitate our father in heaven. God wants us to call him by the name of father for that is what he is. He created us and gives us our being at every moment; ‘in God we live and move and have our being’.

We should call on our father in heaven as Jesus did with great trust that he is loving and listening to us, that he is indeed ‘Our Father.’ God is a father of abundance and every blessing and, if it is for our own good, he will refuse us nothing. How can he refuse us anything since he has already given us everything through his son who died for us.

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