There are a wide range of glues on the market today, as there are so many uses for it. You can purchase glue for a particular job you are doing and for a certain material that you have. There is just the right glue for anything that you need it for. Whether for the home, office, workplace or college, you can obtain just the exact glue for your special project or need. If you are doing close-up work and need strong glue that won’t immediately set, glue with an extra time for setting is what you need.

Repairing Jewelry and Other Fine Detailed Work

Repairing jewelry can be a challenge because of all the detail involved. You need glue that allows for a few extra seconds to reposition and glue jewelry together. You don’t want glue that will instantly grabs together your work before you have a chance to align the pieces mesaproducts together. Yet you want strong glue that will sufficiently repair and hold your jewelry together. Misaligning your jewelry pieces may cost you time and money. If you head to a local jewellers, they could charge you upwards of $50 simply to repair something that you could set with glue. DIY instead and save money when you have glue with extra time control. Other fine detailed work such as toys, metal car parts, seals and O-rings can safely be glued using this time controlled glues, as well.

Glue for Repairing Hard Plastics

Regular glue just won’t do for some plastics. Hard plastics, such as plycarbonate, Plexiglass™, PVC and polystyrene need a special repairing glue that is super strong and doesn’t need clamping. With plastic, the glue has to dry clear, as well. And if the plastic gets wet, glue that resists moisture is a necessity, too.

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