In today’s world of 3D rendering architectural design, the designer needs stand out from the crowd in order to obtain clients. What can you offer clients that your competitors cannot. Bragging rights if you are famous… but most of us are not. An extremely low price which is what some resort to, but it is not recommended – both for your own survival and the survival of the industry as a whole. Promotional freebies perhaps, whether it be a slightly lower promotional price or a free knick-knack so people feel like they’ve won something. Realistically, the best thing that we have to offer our clients as professionals is just that: professionalism. Most designers have had extensive training and are extremely talented at what they do – we have paid our dues and that is worth more to a good client than extra knick-knacks or low prices. In my opinion, the companies who lower their prices to sub-standard levels are not doing anything positive for their public image. Bidding low sends a message to potential clients that says “I’m not good at what I do, so I have to charge less than everyone else to get business.” That is not a professional image and while it may get some clients (who will probably disrespect you, after all… you aren’t worth much), it will not obtain the higher-level clients that will help you to thrive and grow your business.

So how do we create a professional image? There are several ways to do this:

  • First and foremost, dress appropriately and display intelligence and confidence. Your words, actions and appearance will do more to either boost or hinder your professional image than any of the following steps. Next, have professionally designed cards, brochures and stationary printed… often the most impressive brochure wins.
  • Join professional organizations – prospective clients search these websites to find design professionals and it will boost client confidence to see you as an accepted member of the profession. Invest in a professionally designed website.
  • Having a well designed website¬†architectural visualization displaying your work demonstrates competence and can give clients a sense of comfort… bad websites will drive away business. In addition, websites are like a digital portfolio – you can reach more people and allow your work to speak for itself.
  • Finally, when presenting to a client, your design has to have wow factor. Even if you do all of the above, if you deliver poorly, you can lose your client. One way to produce the “wow” is by using 3d visualization, either as an image or an animation, to convey your design to the client.


Not only can it show your design more realistically, but the technique itself is impressive and can help you to obtain premium clients. Since most designers do not have the time to invest learning new software or producing these renderings, a viable solution is outsourcing. By outsourcing you eliminate the software and training costs, obtain a better product, and can devote your time to more profitable or urgent tasks. Be sure to do some research before selecting a visualization company. Ask if the people working for the firm have experience in the industry and see if you can get some high resolution samples of their work to judge the quality. Most 3d visualization companies have websites online where you can compare their styles, quality and prices.

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